• Welcome to life as a Landscape Architecture grad student at Penn Design! What a mouthful. It's partly dream-come-true, and partly Rocky-Training-Sequence. And of course, it is completely, inexorably soaked in caffeine. No other way to do design.

    Despite all this, I think that this is such a fabulous time to be a landscape architect. There is so much energy and will to change our world from both inside and outside the discipline. And there is such a NEED to do so. We are moving quickly - and in such fun and exciting ways! - to come up with new solutions to "save the world."

    Please feel free to leave comments and ideas for collaboration. I am always looking for interesting ways to combine design and social justice.

    I look forward to hearing from you!



You know it’s Finals Week When…

1. The bathroom needs to be cleaned every 5 minutes. This is because… 2. Every flat surface is covered with a Starbucks cup. 3. Yet there are people sleeping everywhere 4. The computer lab is filled with pathos 5. You start getting things like this making the rounds on Facebook: 6. You also get stuff … Continue reading

10304633_698576011014_4834631282073575182_n - Copy

Springtime for Hitler

Spring! It’s finally here and it’s the loveliest one yet. Not only have the days been soft and bright, but the mild weather has been here for weeks.  So I guess its only fitting that we spent the majority of this week happily reading about the Cold War (cold? what cold?) and Artic colonization. Did … Continue reading

View from my un-used carrel on the second floor

Cornering Corner

Last night was the big hoo-ha to celebrate a hundred years of Landscape Architecture at Penn, and Fisher Fine Arts Library was a glowing red-brick vision of loveliness. We had been watching the guys from G-29 move equipment for the party all day and it was exciting to finally be allowed inside. Rumors had been spreading … Continue reading


#7 Beaux Arts Ball

I’ve written before about happy hours and student groups and how social events at Penn can fall flat on its face. So I don’t know what the secret sauce is, but this is party is ALWAYS good. I loved it so much last year that I dragged more friends to it this year, and I’m … Continue reading


#8 Visitors

  Ah, there is nothing like showing off your city to out-of-town guests. I just had my good friend Mary stay with me  last week while she was attending a conference, and it reminded me of how wonderful it is to have visitors in Philadelphia. So wonderful, it’s been my eighth favorite thing about grad … Continue reading


What Light Can Do

  There was finally a moment of startling clarity on the trip to Beijing. We were sitting around a table, talking with professors from Tsinghua and planners from the highest levels of the local government. I felt alive, powerful, and the equal of any person in the room. And then, in the flow of the … Continue reading

1157417_691967180164_1894141721_n (1)

Studio Trip: Forbidden City

My friend’s mother was a scholar and translator there and his father was the Cultural Minister. And during our studio trip to Beijing a few weeks ago, they took us on a tour of the forbidden part of the Forbidden City. The most interesting part, of course, was to see what they decided to forbid. All access … Continue reading


Beijing: Two Approaches to Conservation

One of the unique things about Beijing is the fast pace of change. Below are photos from two different sites that attempted to preserve the cultural landscape and historic fabric in the fast-changing city of Beijing. The first set is from the Nanluoguxiang Hutong, which is a small historic hutong neighborhood that was restored with … Continue reading


Real World: CHINA

  The social housing studio made for some strange bedfellows, although I suppose that is the point. Between 1 architect, 2 landscape architects, 3 urban designers and 1 community economic planner we all agreed that the problem in Beijing was bigger than any one site and any one model. So our studio trip to Beijing … Continue reading

Penn Design

Life as a master of landscape architecture student at Penn Design

Life as a master of landscape architecture student at Penn Design


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